The brand new ailment from musicians and artists of this type plus handled that it inconsistent reality; hence the fresh Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovi?

The problem is mainly approaching the brand new feeling developed by the new come upon anywhere between two types of “monocultures”: the newest Balkan you to definitely, ideologically oppressive, xenophobic and you can patriarchal; together with you to ruled from the west feminism. J. Stokic, “Un-Starting Monoculture: Females Designers regarding ‘Blind Location off Europe’ – the previous Yugoslavia,” ART) In various symptoms and you may items, these types of lady musicians slammed the 2 cultural stereotypes as they tried to explain things of men and women term without having ideological ways.

As the Jovana Stoki? pertinently sees, the fresh new Yugoslav socialism are an original integration between communist ideology and you may consumerist issues when you look at the best cohabitation. authored numerous number of functions analyzing new connectivity between one and you may an effective “standardized” label, the latter getting perfectly portrayed by the fashion periodicals, that have adverts a variety of makeup points. Regarding 1975 series “Double Lives,” Sanja Ivekovic, Personal Incisions, hrsg. Silvia Eibl. in search for her very own/ a girly title, the newest musician displays photo typed in vogue publications near to together own photographs, seeking to “imitate” the models’ postures. Bringing together both brand of photographs reveals so it restless browse to possess identity, the questions the newest artist requires in her own efforts to explain the lady womanliness, and additionally their private label.

In the interactive project “Shopping for a husband having Eu Passport”, the fresh musician develops this notion from inside the numerous implies: towards the one hand, a method away from worry about-save yourself from the Eastern ghetto, while doing so, a case analysis on the genders together with relationship between them

In the same efforts off thinking various identities into the family members which have for the past, Sanja Ivekovi? repeats ages after, inside 2000, this motif throughout the collection titled “Intercourse XX” and you may borrows away from fashion periodicals various pictures from types of unpassioned and you may standard “beauty,” and also transfers the notion of deluxe and you can voluptuousness, about what she prints the newest names and you can details about certain anti-Fascist ladies militants, communist heroines. All the info on the subject is bound so you’re able to announcing into the a dry manner the students many years after they was indeed carried out or the amount of time suicide when they was in fact stuck.

Sanja Ivekovi?is why preoccupations is actually directed far more to the female, intimate layouts. On going on entitled “Inter nos,” she interacts towards societal – regarding exactly who she is split up because of the a clear skin – with a display. That it going on is targeted on the new separation and confinement this new singer is seeking to surmount by the starting a rapport toward listeners.

Having a small grouping of artists from the space out of ex boyfriend-Yugoslavia, this new choose label try synonymous with the connection ranging from politics, community, and the individual: “your body of the nation” come into many personal bodies noted by the ideology

The issue regarding federal term is more and acute when you look at the the scenario of enough artists from the more youthful generation who have been considerably impacted by the fresh battles on the ex-Yugoslav place. To possess Milica Tomic, the new national identity gets the new central theme inside the a video results where in actuality the musician presents herself smiling and declaring many identities within the as much foreign languages (“I am Milica Tomic, I’m Dutch, etc”); not, meanwhile, many bloodstream spots appear on her young muscles, leaking out of numerous hidden injuries. That it show shows the new organization within idea of federal term as well as the wound (the result of the latest imaginary shame regarding belonging to a certain nation), that have directinnuendos to the stress because of this new Serbs’ nationalistic pathos from the the past several years.

At the same time, some other musician, Tanja Ostoji?, switches into various other, revolutionary kind of search on federal and you may individual label. She uses her own nude system, filtered from locks – breaking ergo religious taboos – since an intermediary between private area and you will public room, on purpose performing an application with no attraction and you may sensuality, a straightforward “tool” regarding reflection process. Branislav Dimitrijevic expresses an appealing viewpoint throughout the the girl show, according to that musician decides to represent herself given that a good brand of “way of living picture,” maybe not an excellent “life sculpture,” but alternatively a great “lifestyle monument” if not a good “ready made”.

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